Ra'fat Qassem Villa

Mr. Ra'fat Qassem Villa which lies on the airport road, it's area  350 M2 where services had been implemented construction and finishing.

Dr. Murad Alsamhore Villa

Villa Dr. Murad Samhouri which are located in Naour suburb of the free zones,constructed in 2001.

Al-Haramin Hospital


The Hospital is located in Makkah Street in a vital and special area. Our staff completed the first step of the project with professionalism.

Salhab Villa


The villa is located in finest area in Na’our. It consists of three floors plus an apartment and ground floor with two apartments.

Mohmmad Alasse Villa


The Villa is located in Madaba. It consists of three bedrooms, living room, and living room with kitchen, plus guest room

Dr.Hammam Sa'eed Villa


The villa is a medium size. The customer requested to upsize the villa and add new floors and make New projections architectural blocks

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